What a Day Trip in Cádiz

High School Summer Abroad gives the students the opportunity to learn more about the culture, gastronomy and architecture of the chosen country. Seville, Spain, is surrounded by many beautiful cities and one of them is Cádiz. An hour & ½ drive from Seville, Cádiz is the oldest city in Western Europe, and it is famous for its history, monuments, and gastronomy. Without a doubt, it is one of the best options to escape the heat. 

Last Saturday, our students went to this wonderful city,  nicknamed the “Tacita de Plata” or “Silver Teacup”. Geographically, Cádiz is like an island, grounded by a large sand arm. 

The weather was incredible, around 82* F, so we visited and learned about the most important places in the city:

Plaza España

The monument to the Cortes of Cádiz

Plaza de mina

Church of San Antonio

The Cathedral, where we climbed up to the clock tower, the highest place in Cádiz.

Plaza de las Flores

The local market & much more

After that amazing tour around Cádiz, we went together to Playa de la Victoria, the largest beach of Cádiz (3km). There the students had free time to enjoy the beach, take a swim, and enjoy their picnics packed by their host family. 

At 5.45pm we started on our journey home, time to have dinner with their host families and take a much needed siesta.

Do not tell me that it wasn’t a great trip!


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