Weekend Update 2/3: A Liter of Milk per Month for Alta Gracia

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Tate Sheppard

Tate Sheppard

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Day Two: Cultural Engagement in Alta Gracia

On our second day in Córdoba, we partnered with an excellent NGO called Un Litro de Leche x Mes x Alta Gracia (A Liter of Milk per Month for Alta Gracia). They work with twelve Merenderos across the city of Alta Gracia, Córdoba. These are places where kids can come in the afternoon for a free serving of milk and a snack and are assured this daily boost of nutrition. Before traveling to Córdoba we each purchased two liters of dehydrated milk and picked out snacks to bring to Merendero Los Pekes del Bordo. We also purchased paint and at the merendero we painted the inside of one of the buildings while chatting with staff from the NGO and the merendero about their work and life in Córdoba as well as sharing about our own experiences.

While waiting for the first coats to dry, some of us prepared for a lunch of Choripan (Chorizo Sandwich) while others went to play a game of soccer with locals. While playing soccer some students said hello to local farm animals and we even enjoyed the company of a local TV News channel. This was especially exciting for Un Litro de Leche x Mes x Alta Gracia because their mission to provide free milk for kids in Alta Gracia was broadcast to TVs around the area. Our very own Natalia was interviewed by the channel and spoke about her experience coming to Argentina with CIEE and partnering with this excellent NGO during our visit to Córdoba.

After lunch and soccer we added a few more coats of paint to the building and prepared the afternoon snack for the kids. NGO and Merendero staff prepared hot chocolate and milk while students from the US created grab bags of treats for the kids. When they arrived we shared stories, laughs and even dance moves before taking some group photos and saying see you later, but not goodbye!

Please take a moment to check out the social media accounts of Un Litro de Leche x Mes x Alta Gracia



Keep your eyes peeled for an updated version of this post with the interview from the news station!

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