A Visit to Ghana’s First Cocoa Farm and T.K. Beads

Authored by:
Rachel McGowan

The Global Navigators are on their second week of exploration! Students traveled to Mampong Akwapim to visit Ghana’s first cocoa farm and learn about this fruit and its history in Ghana. Cocoa was first brought to Ghana by Tetteh Quarshie, for whom the farm is named, in 1879. Students had the opportunity to pick the ripe fruit, learn the process in which it is transformed into beans used for chocolate, and taste it in both its raw and dried forms. The Global Navigators even had the chance to see two of the original trees planted by Tetteh Quarshie in 1879- they still bear fruit today!

Students also participated in a bead making workshop at T.K. Beads in Dodowa. They were taken on a tour of the glass bead factory and were taught how recycled glass bottles are transformed into beautiful beads. Students were also given the opportunity to design their own beads and purchase beads created by the artisans at the factory.

Finally, students completed their baskets with Auntie Beatrice! It has been a fun and busy week that has flown by!

-Sandra and Rachel

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