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Le Tran

Today, we got the honor to have attended a personal walking tour with Terry Fagan, a strong individual who bravely shared his and others stories of the early 1900s Monto Red Light District in Ireland. Being such an incredible storyteller and having firsthand experience himself, Terry shared such a heart-wenching tale of the history of horrors of what Dublin consisted of only a century ago; regarding the Industrial School's children of all ages and genders who forced to go to and were abused at to such measures that's even beyond proper comprehension of whatever truly happened. With Terry, his bravery, and his candor, he singlehandedly spoke up about and memorialized this chunk of history because without him, this part of history could've been so easily forgotten about or whitewashed in history books at the very least. After hearing Terry's story of survival, we later all went to Dublin's Light House movie theater and watched "Wolfwalkers" which had such a unique form of art to it, and even more incredible story. The movie was placed in Medieval Kilkenny in 1650 and was about a child, who's father was the town's wolf hunter, and the child eventually sneaking into the forest and seeing what the wolves, and wolf walkers, for what they truly were. Robyn and her father go on to battle against her town's soldiers and leader to save the young wolfwalker, her mother, and the pack. It was a beautiful film all portraying friendship, bravery, and the unique and magical history of the folklore of Ireland.

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