Peer to peer activity: Taking on the Job of a Delivery Persone

Authored by:
Ting Li


 Some of our homestay brothers and sisters came to the CIEE building to do an activity together. Before the activity, we learned about how essential online shopping has become to China, and virtually everything is ordered online. It often only takes 24 hours for your package to arrive! But how do these packages all get to their destinations? The answer is: delivery people. And, with millions of packages being ordered every day, a delivery person usually has to the delivery more than one hundred packages per day.

So, after learning this information, we found out that our activity was to take up the job of a delivery person, and deliver packages to a location on campus. First, we learned what we had to say when we got to the destination.

We would first say, “您好,请问。。。老师在吗?” This means, “Hello, excuse me is (insert last name) teacher here?” After the teacher comes out, we would say, “我是华师大的快递员。这是您的快递.” This means, “I am a Hua Shi Da University delivery person, here is your package!” Finally, we would say, “请您在这里签字,谢谢.” This means, “Please sign your name here, thank you.” However, if the teacher was not there, we would instead have to say, “我是华师大的快递员。哪位老师可以帮他代收吗?” This means, “I’m a Hua Shi Da University delivery person, is there any teacher here that can take this package instead?” After, we would ask for their signature.

So, with this lesson, we set off to delivery our package! Our destination was 信息化中心,or the information center。

From this activity, I learned how hard the life of a delivery person is. It takes a lot of stamina, as you always have to be moving around despite how hot the weather is. It made me gain a newfound respect for the people we too often take for granted.

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