The Pantheon, Pizza, and Perfect Gelato

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Rebecca Van Horn

Rebecca Van Horn

After a bumpy start due to flight cancellations and lost baggage, our Global Navigators perserved and have been exploring the Eternal City. They are a fabulous group and are making the most of every moment!

Dr. Valentina Follo, Director of CIEE Global Insitute, Rome, speaks to our students at orentation. Shout out to Jade, Nayali, Joel, and Brianna for being front-row students!
After a full day of orientation, the students enjoyed authentic Roman pizza. Annie, Augusta, Emily, Ari, Miguel, and Leule (L to R) are digging in!
At the Pantheon on Day 2, our students are absorbing their first art history lesson. 
Our students are in awe of the Pantheon's architecture! Take a look at the oculus from Maya's perspective. 
The group is listening attentively to our art history professor, Dr. Jessica Boehman, as she helps us understand the complex history of the Pantheon. 
Michelle, PL Rebecca, Brianna, Kayla, Nayali, Viv, Jade, Annie, Emily, and Natalie (L to R) stand in front of a Baroque sculpture called "Elephant and Obelisk," designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
After the Pantheon, we cooled off with some gelato at Fassi Gelateria. Here, Miguel is blending strawberries (fragole) for fresh sorbetto. Natalie, Bella, Kayla, Augusta, and Annie (L to R) are watching closely. 
Leule also lends a hand while Viv and Brianna (L to R) look on. 
Paige becomes an apprentice sorbetto maker, and Gaby, Nayali, and Joel (L to R) are also in training. 
Kayla and Mayerling are loving life with gelati in Rome.

Thankfully, this is only the beginning of our adventure in Rome. There is so much more to come!

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