Our Trip to the Wild West of Ireland : Part 2

Our global navigators took a two-night trip to Westport and explored many different areas on the western coast of Ireland.  I asked two students to tell me about their experiences on the trip. 

For the second part of our trip, I heard from another fabulous student, Ellie Fields. 

At Glen Keen Farm we made scones from scratch, walked up to an old fort from the bronze age, and feed baby sheep. I absolutely loved everything about being at Glen Keen Farm but my favorite thing was watching the dogs herd the sheep and learning the commands the farmers taught the dogs. Since our home base is in Dublin, this was the first time we got to see the country life in Ireland. It was very interesting to see the difference between farm and city life. I loved the cruise we did around the bay because the bay had 365 islands in it and there were also a lot of seals in the water and cows and sheep on the mini islands. Going on the boat tour was special for me because I could see the place that I went to twelve years ago for my aunt’s wedding from the boat. My favorite thing about this trip is the people on the trip with me and the overall atmosphere in Ireland since there is a very busy city like vibe where there is always something going on but at the same time everyone is laid back and easygoing.

Ellie is a rising junior from Red Bank, New Jersey. 

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