May Checklist and Reminders

It’s time to get ready for a great summer! As always, we’re here to answer your questions as you and your participant prepare for take-off!

Know Before You Go, Our Online Pre-Departure Course: Your participant’s online pre-departure course concludes this month with a final, shorter section. It gives participants details about what they can expect, logistically and culturally, during the first days of their programs. Also, we remind participants that limiting their contact with family and friends during the program will expand the program's impact. This module includes a few final academic tasks for some programs.

The Know Before You Go course is due in its entirety by June 1st, and it is a program requirement because it includes important academic pre-work and health and safety information. If you or your participant have questions about the course, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Packing Lists: All students were given a specialized packing list in their online pre-departure Canvas course. We’ve added that file for you here, so that you can take a look too! All of the programs are included in the file, so you may have to scroll down to find the one you need. These packing lists come from Know Before You Go, so if you have questions about a particular item on the packing list, please ask your participant to look for more information in Canvas.


Final Travel logistics: Don't worry – we will help you and your participant through every step of the travel process.

  • In the days before your participant’s departure, we will send you an email confirming your participant’s travel itinerary and detailing exactly where to meet their program leaders or our resident staff. This email will include staff cell phone numbers in case your participant needs to contact them.
  • Please print the final email out and have your participant bring it with them, along with a fully charged cell phone that works in your home country or money for a pay phone in case they need any help before they leave your home country. 
  • Your participants will be receiving a CIEE T-Shirt in the mail in the coming weeks. Make sure they are wearing their CIEE T-Shirt on travel day so that it is easy for staff and other participants to recognize them. 

Please notify CIEE Support of any changes to flights or travel plans.

The CIEE Support Team is your primary point of contact during your participant’s program. They are available to answer questions and take action to make your participant’s experience on the program happy, healthy, and educational. We request that all communication with CIEE Staff in the participant’s host country go through CIEE Support Team. With CIEE Support Team help, your questions or concerns will be resolved as efficiently as possible.

Support Team Office Hours: 9am to 8pm Monday-Friday EST

Contact: or +1-866-583-0332 

Support Team Availability for Emergency Assistance: 24/7

Host Family Placements: You can expect an email one week before the start of the program with information and contact details for your participant’s host family. YourCIEE encourages you and your participant to reach out to introduce yourselves to their host family! This is a great way to start the communication between your student and their new host family, and also helps break the ice for when they arrive!

Have you double-checked that your participant finished all the tasks in their CIEE Account? Sit down with your participant and go through the remaining tasks in their account. The deadline to complete all tasks in your MyCIEE account was May 7th.  If you and your participant have received emails from us about missing pieces like flight information or medical consent forms, please be sure to follow up right away!

We use each task to support your participant while they are studying abroad. While your participant is busy studying for finals and counting down the minutes to the last day of school, we’re working hard to arrange all the last-minute details and preparing for an amazing summer! It is very important that you work through the tasks in your participant’s CIEE My Account as soon as you possibly can: that is all information we need to get ready for arrival. Flight details help us meet participants at the airport; health history forms allow us to help support participants if they encounter any challenges on the program; passport details are important in case anything is lost or misplaced; etc. We realize it is a lot to ask for, but we promise it is for important reasons!


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