March Checklist

Below are new action items for you and your participant for this month, however you can always catch up or get ahead with our predeparture checklist that can be found on our Predeparture Resource Page here 

Flights: The deadline to book your flight and send your itinerary to CIEE is April 15th. Participants who were confirmed on a program by February 1st will receive an email invitation from Flightfox by March 15th. Participants who were confirmed after February 1st will receive the invitation by March 31st These email invitations to book flights will also be sent to all emergency contacts. Please review our Pre-Departure Resources page about Flights (click here) for more information about booking your flights to your Global Navigator program.  

Not sure if you want to book a group flight or travel independently? Check out our Flights FAQ here to help steer you in the right direction!  

STAMP Language testing (Language & Culture programs only): CIEE requires all Language & Culture participants to complete the STAMPlanguage proficiency assessment before their program begins. This assessment allows us to measure our participants’ current language proficiency, placement in the correct language level for the program, and then to measure language growth at the end of the program. We offer both in-person (at certain schools around the country) and virtual testing, if there isn’t a testing location near you.  Participants must select a time to take the STAMP assessment by March 30.

Safety Questions and Waivers:  There are new tasks in your CIEE Account for participants and parents/guardians. For Parents/Guardians there is a Supplemental Release which covers information on swimming, biking and mosquito borne diseases. (For Parents/Guardians with participants traveling to Peru, there is a Supplemental Release for High Altitude as well.) For participants, there are safety questions to answer regarding swimming and biking ability as well as a promise to abide by CIEE’s bike safety rules. 

iNEXT Travel Insurance Form: Print this form and have your parent/guardian sign it, and then upload it to the task in your CIEE Account by May 1st 

Canvas Online Pre-Departure Course:  
The March section of Know Before You Go, your participant’s pre-departure course, was released on March 15th! This month, students will write letters introducing themselves to their program leaders, explore strategies for dealing with stress abroad, review our program rules and disciplinary process, and learn about their housing. Many programs will include a homestay experience, and we work hard to match our students with welcoming, supportive families who will give them an immersive experience abroad. Other programs are in dorms or other accommodation. We choose this housing for safety, cleanliness, and proximity to all the fun and educational activities planned for your participant. Talk to your participant about their program housing to learn more! The March module is the third of five monthly modules, so if your participant recently confirmed or has not kept up with the course, this is a great time to catch up on content from January and February. We know that high school students are extremely busy, so make sure they know that each section should take no more than two hours to complete. 

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