Madrid’s Metro is Difficult- Student Post by Jyxzel Bagaoisan

Authored by:
Lisette Aguila

Traveling the Metro for the first time can be difficult—and it is. We’ve been following our program leaders through the Metro to get to our workshops and activities, and now it’s time to be independent. During our second week in Madrid, some of my friends and I tried to navigate the Metro by ourselves. This time, we decided to go somewhere new that our program leaders have not led us to. We got lost, confused, frustrated, and irritable. We went in circles, traveled back to the same station, traveled to the wrong station, and got on the wrong train. A comparison to other train transportation systems: “This is much more confusing than New York City’s subway.” We, as a group, collectively agreed. Even though most of us haven’t been to New York City at all. In the end, we finally got to where we initially wanted to go. We were all reminded of a quote: “The journey is more important than the destination.” This experience will pop into my head everytime I think about the Metro. From trying to transit Cuatro Caminos’ line 2 to the Circular’s line 6, I think it is safe to say that Madrid’s Metro is difficult. 


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