Future Pastry Chefs

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Deborah Rosen

Deborah Rosen

During our third week in Paris, the students participated in one of their favorite activities. Not far from the Bastille métro station, the students participated in a pastry workshop at SquareOne.  Laurent, the pâtissier (pastry chef), greeted the students in a beautiful courtyard and then welcomed them into the kitchen.  He gave each student an apron from the shop, which they were able to keep to take home. The students were divided into three groups, and each group received the recipes (en français) for either éclairs au chocolat or chouquettes.  The students worked well together, helping each other interpret the recipes and taking turns whisking and mixing the ingredients. 

After preparing the pastries, the students waited with great anticipation for their creations to come out of the oven.  And they were not disappointed.  The future pastry chefs had so much fun putting the chocolate filling into the éclairs and dunking them in chocolate and adding whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and sugar to the chouquettes.  Students with gluten allergies did not miss out on having a sweet treat as Laurent provided them with bowls, so that they could enjoy crème chantilly (whipped cream) and fresh strawberries. 

Perhaps, Mamans and Papas, you may be able to enjoy these delicious French pâtisseries (pastries) when your children return home!

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