Free Time for Toledo! Student Post by Jyxzel Bagaoisan

Authored by:
Lisette Aguila

When the jewelry workshop was done, we received free time for the remainder of the day. After an hour-long bus trip from Plaza Elíptica, we reached our destination—Toledo! Stepping off the bus felt like a heatwave engulfing your entire existence, but the beautiful scenery and architecture made it all worth the trip. As we walked to Plaza Zocodover, I swear I heard steel swords clashing and chain mail armor clinking. Toledo is known for its representation of Spain, as well as its history and, of course, its swords. We saw at least 20 shops selling daggers and swords within the first hour. This was probably the only time I’d ever seen this many swords in my life. Toledo is difficult to walk through, it has steep walkways, rough sidewalks, tall steps, and did I mention steep walkways? If Madrid is a walk, Toledo is a hike. Apart from the walking, Toledo was amazing, beautiful, and breathtaking.

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