Farewell fish enthusiasts: Student takeover by Abbey

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Ayala Botto

Yesterday in the morning we headed to Casa da Baía to have a debrief session! After going over goals for the session as well as wrapping up things, we had a discussion about sustainability. This highlighted the differences between our experiences in America to our experiences in Portugal and helped put everything into perspective. 

After getting stipend for lunch and wandering the towns of Setúbal one last time, we headed to Lisbon for a tour of the oceanarium. While there we met with our guide who granted us a wonderful experience full of new knowledge. 

Group photo at oceanarium entrance


Indian ocean fish

We were able to see many different species of animals all belonging to different ecosystem. Including otters, sharks, and frogs!! 

Two species of Sea dragon: Weedy-seadragon (front) and Leafy-seadragon (back) 



Once we finished off at the oceanarium we headed over to a local mall for some last minute souvenirs. This was a fun way to enjoy a last activity amongst each other. 

At the end of the day, we headed over to a restaurant where we had our farewell dinner.

Farewell dinner


Photo time!

A great way to end off an amazing trip full of the best staff and students!


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