Don’t you wish choux were here?

Authored by:
Emily Burrus

Emily Burrus

Behind an unassuming large wooden door, tucked behind a beautiful Parisian courtyard, is L'Atelier des Sens, a cooking school.  Students washed up and kitted out in Chefsquare aprons ready to learn to make pâte à choux (pronounced SHOE) what you may know as puff pastry.

These mini cabbage shaped puffs make the profiteroles, croquembouches, éclairs, religieuses, and chouquettes we all love to eat.  All hands were on deck to make these delicate pastries.  And we quickly discovered French pâtisserie may be in the future of some of these learners!  After cooking the dough and adding all the ingredients, the art of piping pastry was taught and quickly mastered.  

Students were so encouraging and uplifting to their classmates.  It was smiles all around, especially when students were able to taste their creations.  Students were given their aprons as a reminder of this cultural experience, one I know they will not forget!

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