Croissants, anyone?

Authored by:
Deborah Rosen

Last week, students were divided up into three groups and rotated cultural activities each day.  One of the days, the students were treated to a visit to Le Petit Mitron, a boulangerie-pâtisserie (bakery-pastry shop).  There, the boulanger (baker), Didier Lavry, entertained us with stories about the origin of the croissant; ingredients used in croissants; pain (bread), and pain au chocolat, which is a chocolate croissant but not crescent shaped.  The croissant actually originated in Vienna, not France. It was Marie-Antoinette who introduced the croissant to France when she married Louis XVI.

The students made croissants, baguettes, and pains au chocolat (well, the dough was already made, but the students rolled the croissants and pain au chocolat and cut the baguettes).  Keep in mind that these visits were during the canicule (heat wave)! Didier gave each student a baguette, and a package with a small roll, a croissant, and a pain au chocolat.


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