Communications Créative

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Mackenzie A.

Mackenzie A.

Before our visit to Bercy Skatepark, level II students generated questions for our Ozlefrançais activity to ask about how the 12th arrondissement and Bercy neighborhood supports artists and creative young people. Student inquiries included ponderings--en français-- about access to funding for the arts, community collaboration, plus the difference between graffiti and street art. 

Then, students learned from local artists the creative proccess of telling a visual story in a public place. First, students individually wrote a story of how they would share their experience abroad in Paris visually. Then, in groups. students joined their ideas into one sketch. Finally, they took turns to detail their design in the Bercy skatpark.

Overall in Paris, we are learning a lot about different forms of communication.  Through our language practice, nonverbal and visual forms of expressions, we are able to connect with our host families, local Parisians, and people from around the world.

We also sang Joyeux Anniversaire to wish Dorian a happy, Parisian birthday!

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