Checklist & Reminders


Please review this pre-departure checklist. We suggest printing a copy and posting it in a useful place in your house as a reminder!

Health form (parental/guardian):

Once your participant’s doctor has filled out and signed the Health History and Physician Consent form, parents/guardians must complete the Health History & Parent/Guardian Consent form. Your participant will not be able to participate on the program without this signed document.

Health form (doctor):

The Health History and Physician Consent Form is due April 1st and must be filled out by your participant’s doctor. It’s very important that we have all current medical information for your participant so that we can support them while they study abroad. Your participant will be cancelled, and any scholarship money revoked if the health from is not complete by the deadline. Participants must have had a physical done within the last year—between September 1, 2018 and today. Make a doctor’s appointment for your participant so that their doctor can fill out and sign the medical form. Once complete, upload the form to the CIEE My Account as soon as possible. If you have questions about travel vaccinations, please visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website for the most up-to-date medical information. We are not authorized to give medical advice and encourage you to consult the CDC, your participant’s doctor or a travel clinic.

iNext Travel Insurance form:

CIEE provides iNext insurance for our students while they are studying abroad. Please review the iNext Insurance reading for a full description of this coverage. iNext insurance is included in the program tuition. Your participant’s iNext insurance policy provides reimbursement for qualified expenses, including some medical care. In most cases, participants will be expected to pay for outpatient related costs upfront and should have access to emergency funds. However, we recognize that situations may arise where your participant is not able to cover costs in the moment. So that there are no delays in getting your participant the support they need, we ask you to fill out the Travel Insurance Release form which allows our in-country staff to pay costs up front if necessary and then submit the claim to iNext directly. Participants will receive an iNext insurance enrollment email closer to their program start date; once you have filled out the form, no other action is required at this time.

Disability Accommodation Request form:

Has your participant ever been diagnosed with a disability (including physical, visual, hearing, intellectual, or learning)? Does your participant receive accommodations for a disability in school? If you answer yes to either of these questions, it is important to share more information with CIEE so that we are prepared to support your participant during his or her program. Remember that some things we take for granted in the United States (infrastructure, teaching styles, family expectations, etc.) may be different abroad, so sharing information sets your participant up for success.  We believe that the participation of participants with diverse perspectives, including students with disabilities, enriches our study abroad programs. As a result, we strive to support all participants, and will meet reasonable disability accommodation requests whenever possible. Accommodation requests must be submitted via email to by March 15 using the form available here.


Has your participant applied for their passport yet?

All participants must have a passport to travel! If they do, make sure it is valid six months past the program end date. If your participant needs to apply for a new passport or renew their passport, start the process now. Applying for a passport can take up to 6 weeks, so apply as soon as possible! Once your participant has a passport, please make sure they upload their passport details and a scan of their passport to their CIEE My Account. If your participant is NOT a U.S. citizen, you must follow up with the consulate of the country your participant is travelling to and ask if your participant will need a visa.

Does your participant have an ID photo?

Please make sure to help your participant upload a 2 X 2 inch passport-style photo of themselves to their CIEE My Account.

Payment Reminder:

The payment deadline for any remaining balance on your program tuition is April 12.


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