The beginning of CIEE’s weekend excursion to Hangzhou!

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Ting Li

Today was the beginning of CIEE’s weekend excursion to Hangzhou!!

We had class in the morning, like usual, and promptly departed to our bus which would take us to the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. We took a one hour train ride to Hangzhou East Railroad Station, some participants played cards or slept to pass the time.

Once the train arrived in Hangzhou, we all moved onto a bus that took us to the Six Harmonies Pagoda. The Six Harmonies Pagoda is well recognized for its tall and cylindrical like shape towering 13 visible floors from ground level. Our CIEE participants had the opportunity to climb within the structure. After many, many steep flight of stairs and slow steps, students were able to experience the full view overlooking the Qiantang River.

The view at the top was very mystical with the feeling of calmness and control. It was like serendipity. When it was time to head down, we had already soaked our umbrellas and filled up our photo space with this rewarding opportunity.

Lili Dimitroff(Shorewood High School, WI)

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