April Reminders

Below are some items for you and your participant to keep an eye on that are due in the upcoming weeks. That being said, you can always get ahead of the game and complete these tasks ahead of time! You can also check back to our Predeparture Checklist for due dates by clicking here! 


Have you completed the Parent/Guardian Consent to Travel form?  Click here to download the Parental Consent to Travel form for your participant’s country. Thank you for taking this extra step with us to ensure safe travels for your participant! 

Southern Hemisphere Programs: If you are attending a program in Argentina, Australia, Chile, Peru, or South Africa – This is a reminder that it will be Winter when you are traveling to these countries! Be sure to pack warm clothes and pay attention to the packing lists posted in your Canvas Course!  Peru and Chile are the coldest of the countries mentioned. They average between 50°F and 70°F during the day, but at night can drop downwards of 40°F.  

Managing Money:  When will your participant need money while they travel? The program cost covers all planned activities and travel, accommodation and three meals a day, but it is important that participants have access to some money in case of emergency or for treats and souvenirs. Make a plan with your participant about how they will access emergency money abroad and make sure to let their bank know. Read about the best way to send money with your student, international exchange rates, accessing money abroad, and more here. 

Home Away from Home: Have your participant fill out this housing questionnaire and let us know of any special accommodations or requests that we should consider while making housing placements! We cannot accommodate every request but if there is anything that we should know about your health and wellness, particularly as it relates to your housing on program, please let us now in the Home Away from Home section of your CIEE account.  

iNEXT Travel Insurance:  Your iNext Travel Insurance policy reimburses you in the event that you need medical care abroad or experience a loss or theft. In most cases, you'll be expected to pay for related costs upfront and should have access to emergency funds. However, we recognize that situations may arise where you are not able to cover these costs in the moment. This form allows our in-country staff to pay these costs upfront if necessary and then submit the claim to iNext directly so there are no delays in getting you the support you need! Please fill this form out and submit it to your students MyCIEE account by May 1st, 2019.  

Technology Abroad:  What tech is your participant going to bring with them on the program? Read more about what device’s your participant needs in our Technology Reading. Some programs require specific devices - by having students complete this task we can determine who will be bringing their own devices and who will be borrowing a CIEE device on the program! Important note for participants traveling through airports in the Middle East or North Africa on their way home: If your participant is flying from or through airports in the Middle East or North Africa on the way home to the United States - they must pack their electronic device(s) in their checked bag. For more information, contact your airline. 

Does your participant need a visa? If your participant is a US Citizen and is traveling to China, Ghana, Russia, Tanzania or Australia this summer, they need a visa. Check your participant’s CIEE online account for visa guides and complete the visa task (if applicable). All information needed for filling out a Chinese Visa is now posted on the predeparture webpage!  If your participant is not a US Citizen, they may need a visa depending on their program location. Please email us at hssummerabroad@ciee.org if you have questions about visas. 

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