All Ireland Football Championship

Authored by:
Hailey Staples

After spending a busy weekend in the west of Ireland, the students took their Sunday to rest and watch Galeic football. The All Ireland is an annual gaelic sporting tournament organized by the Gaelic Althetic Association (GAA). Teams from every county in Ireland compete against each other in hopes of winning the championship. The tournament has been held every year since 1889.  Dublin was filled with people wearing green and yellow or red and white to show their alliegence to Kerry or Galway. Some of our students also showed their support with temporary hair dye in the color of their favorite team. During the match, the students were able to put the knowledge they gained at Experience Galeic Games, to cheer on either Galway or Kerry.  It was a close match with Kerry taking the win, to the dismay of some students and the delight of others! This win means Kerry take the All Ireland title!


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