Adventure in Alicante

Authored by:
Cassidy Ott

We've reached Week 3, which means we've officially adapted to life here in Spain. As we're more comfortable speaking Spanish, navigating through Alicante, and stepping out of our comfort zones more often; we're now able to really get adventurous. This week was full of fun- including an escape room, touring the official Museo Volvo Ocean Race, seeing the Bull Fighting arena, and even getting to see Disney's newest movie "The Lion King" (totally in Spanish!). The most amazing thing about being in a city for an extended period of time is finally feeling comfortable enough to navigate it like a local and make plenty of new memories with our host families and new friends. As we're reaching the last week, there's bittersweet feelings with being excited to reunite with families at home, but not wanting to leave this amazing experience. But- as the Spaniards say- aprovechamos! We're taking advantage of Alicante and all it has to offer!

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