Adiós Barcelona, Te Amo

Authored by:
Dedipta B.

It's the end of the program and in the most simple words I'd like to say I'm sad. I'm sad that this is all over. I'm sad that this is the end of the program. I'm sad I have to leave Barcelona and say goodbye to all these friends I made on this trip. It's just not easy. To hold on to this time. A month. 28 days. It seemed so much to me at a time. I thought that I couldn't do it and I'd miss home. Now, I realize I do miss home, but I've started to miss this home too. I've started to miss Barcelona and the life I've lived here. Whether it's been great or worse; it's all been mine. All the good moments. All the bad. It's something that I get to keep with me after this trip ends. 

By the end of this trip, I'll know what it's like to live a whole new life in a home thousands of miles away from yours. I'll know what it's like to be alien to a country, but still be treated like it's own part. I'll know what it's like to talk to a stranger in a language that is even stranger to you, but still form a kind of mini friendship to them. By the end of this trip, I'll know Spanish and be able to speak in Spanish with anyone, if not fluently then decently. I believe my Spanish has really improved through this trip and the greatest improvement would be in my speaking skills. I've talked to so many people in Spanish throughout this trip and it's been a sort of second nature to me. Instead of saying yes I say “sí”. Instead of saying I like I say “me gusta”. Speaking Spanish everyday was a part that really helped my progress no matter how tiring it was. At some point, it would become maddening and all you'd hope is “God, someone please talk to me in English! PLEASE!” But, then at some point it would pay off when I'd be able to speak with a local in my broken kind of decent Spanish. It'd just feel me up in pride and I'd be like “Wow, I just said all of that in Spanish and he/she understood me.” I'd be like all my hard work was somehow paid off. Moreover, just to be clear as Barcelona is a tourist country there are a lot of people that do speak English, but at times I'd choose to speak in Spanish as this would be the only real way that I could improve my vocal skills. In my school, I had great teachers for Spanish and I learnt a lot except my speaking was always mediocre as I did not speak it on a daily basis or was required to speak it at all times. Here I was and even though I wouldn't like to admit it, it really helped me. I think more happy than me will be my Spanish teacher as I believe she's anticipating my return to school this year just to hear my Spanish and I can't wait for her to hear it a well. 

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