À la prochaine, Paris!

Authored by:
Emily Burrus

Emily Burrus

Each week students are asked to complete self-reflection journals, and they are a joy to read.  Seeing these learners make connections from the classroom to the culture they are experiencing around them is something to behold.  Reflection and introspection are key components in any type of growth, and how niveau trois has grown!  One of the final journal prompts was to describe this program in three words:

It has been a memorable journey for each learner: eye-opening, beautiful, new, magnificent and at times stressful and intimidating, but overall, the word they used the most was fun.  They have enjoyed their teacher Marianne as she guided them through interactive lessons, exposed them further to French culture through media and encouraged them over the past month.  All these authentic learning experiences have furthered their passion for French language and culture.

As session one comes to a close and students say « au revoir » to the homes they've known for the last month, as they hug and shed a few tears with the new friends they've made, it is palpable in the air, this has been a formative experience they will never forget.  À la prochaine, Paris! 

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