¡Viva la Misión Ñ!

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Samantha Dodson

Samantha Dodson

What is Misión Ñ? 

Misión Ñ is one of the most important parts of the curriculum here! These activities are a way for the students to interact with locals and local culture by applying the language and vocabulary they are learning in their classes. In this program, the whole city is our classroom!

This week, the students were given the task of learning more about Palma by asking the locals who know it best. Students went out into popular plazas to ask locals about their favorite aspects of the city and for suggestions on what they should make sure they do in Palma while they are here. 

Rylan said, "Misión Ñ gets easier each time we do it. At first I was nervous talking with the locals, but it's really fun to get to talk to people in the city that can teach you something new". 


Rylan, Camille and Caroline learning about "el pescado" in the mercado.

Another Misión Ñ this week had the chavales explore the "puestos" of one of Palma's most popular markets, Mercat de l'Olivar. The students were given various tasks to complete throughout the market in which they sought out information from the vendors about traditional foods and products such as “la sobrasada”.

After the activity, students were allowed to buy some of the products they had learned about. The students loved trying the fresh fruits and juices, as well as having the chance to buy artisanal products such as bracelets and traditional fans. The program leaders were also very proud of all of the observations students were able to make between markets in the United States and markets in Spain.

The students’ favorite part of the market, however, was without a doubt the smell of the “pescadería”, or the section where the fresh fish is sold....

Raine, Katie, Aurany and Val taking it all in at the “pescadería”


...Well, at least Raine didn’t seem to mind it:



¡Hasta pronto!

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