¡Qué rico!

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Danielle Mason

Danielle Mason

We are one week into the program and already falling in love with Mallorca. In addition to studying the marine life of the island, we are getting the chance to experience its unique culture.

This week we got a taste of Mallorcan gastronomy with a visit to the oldest café in Palma and through a mediterranean cooking class.

Can Joan de S’Aigo is a beautiful 300 year old cafe specializing in ice cream and pastries. We spent a very sweet afternoon tasting traditional Mallorcan sweets like ensaimada and gató de almendras.

Evan and Carl pose with their pastries. 

Katrine described the ice cream as “the most authentic flavors” she has tasted.

In our cooking classes, chef Juan taught us to make dishes from Mallorca and all around the Mediterranean. 

We worked hard preparing many delicious dishes including: tortilla, gazpacho, coca de verduras, pita bread, hummus, tzatziki and Mallorcan tumbet and then sampled our creations. 

Alton takes our PERFECT pitas out of the oven. 

Everyone seemed happy with the way the different plates turned out.  Sam said that she liked the tortilla española so much that she could have eaten the whole thing herself!

A well deserved feast!

To friends and family at home: ask your global navigator to prepare some spanish cuisine when they get back. You will be happy you did!


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