¡Qué Delicioso!

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Eblin Molina

Eblin Molina

I believe that food is a language we all know and we confirmed this during our cooking class. Our students had a blast cooking together two traditional desserts Sevillanos, Pestiños and Tarta de la Abuela. Whether we like one kind of food or another, we all enjoy eating, especially when we prepare the food with amigos. ¡Qué rico!

We started the class washing our hands and putting on a mandil to look professional and protect our clothing, of course :). Everybody listened and followed all the instructions given by the pastry chef and the kitchen staff. All the ingredients were ready on the tables and the fun began. Some kids were making dough, others were beating eggs, some others were melting chocolate; everybody was busy. There was a lot to do, but luckily, there were a lot of hands! Lively conversations, laughs, sweet aromas, and great company filled the afternoon.

Our students learned how to prepare these two desserts (pestiños and tarta de la abuela) and I am sure that they are going to be happy to recreate the recipes and share these sweets with their family when they go back home.

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