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Jessica Kehoe

Jessica Kehoe

Gazpacho and tortilla and paella, oh my! 

This week our students participated in a cooking class to learn a little bit more about some typical dishes prepared throughout Spain.

We started in the South of Spain with a popular dish eaten en Andalusia, gazpacho. Gazpacho is a chilled blend of tomato, pepper, cucumber, onion, and garlic with a bit of salt, water, and olive oil.

Next we made our way to central Spain with the tortilla de patata. This dish has become a staple throughout Spain and is commonly found in almost every bar and restaurant. It's a thick omelette made of egg, potatoes, and sometimes onion!

For our main course, we visited the coast of Valencia and made a delicious paella. It's a rice dish made in a wide, shallow pan with a base of pepper, tomato, onion, and garlic. You can then add vegetables, chicken, or seafood as well!

For dessert we went North to the region of Galicia. We prepared a tarta de Santiago, a cake made with almond flour and sugar and then decorated with the Santiago cross. 

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