¡Bievenido a Santiago!

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Mercii Thomas

Mercii Thomas

After months of anticipation (and a few long layovers), we finally hit the ground in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic! Though a bit travel weary and facing an early morning, Dominican hospitality from our hosts overpowered (most of) my fatigue. 

Following an orientation from the local CIEE site staff, we left the Centro Cultural Dominico Americano for an interactive walking tour of Santiago. I love that we toured with participants from the Service and Learning program focused on Eco-solutions – many of the kids bonded in the airport on the way here and were excited to spend time with their new friends.  

Visiting the Monumento de Santiago

We visited Monumento de Santiago, walked through local markets, and stopped by a few local art installations in the heart of the city.  A few brave program participants tried the “Coco”  - the coconut water offered by street vendors. The many flavors of “Yun Yun” – freshly shaved iced - made their way around the group for taste tests.

Forteza San Luis offered breathtaking views and peak into the history of the Dominican Republic. A primary point during the War of Restoration, we walked through old prison cells that have since been converted into landing for street and converted into a museum.

There is so much that Satiago has to offer. Good thing it's only the first day!

CIEE High School Study Abroad program participants from  Building Eco-Solutions to Empower Communities and Mentoring Youth and Raising Social and Raising Social Awareness at Forteza San Luis in Santiago


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