¡Bienvenidos a Mexico!: Airport, Host families, and Orientation

Authored by:
Alicia Heninger

Sunday morning, all the students met up with their PLs in their respective cities, Miami and Houston. Before take-off, students did a variety of activities: napped on the floor after a long morning of traveling, walked around the airport in search of a meal, played cards, and made some new friends. 

At around noon, both flights left for Mexico. Everyone arrived in Mérida around 2 pm, forms and passports in hand. After an hour or so of immigration and customs, students met their host families, took photos, and were off to their homestays. 

The rest of the afternoon/evening was free time for the students to spend with their host families. Some napped, some explored Mérida, but all students got to know who they will live with for the next four weeks!

Monday and Tuesday morning, students, escorted by their host families, went to the Edificio Central of the UADY, the public university here in Mérida. Orientation occurred here because it has larger rooms to fit all 56 students in this session. During orientation, students got to know the local CIEE center staff, PLs, and the Language teachers for those completing the Langauge and Culture Program. 

On Monday for lunch, students were treated to Tamales as they got to know the other students in the program. Both days were filled with a ton of information, lots of ice breakers, learning the way around Mérida, and making plenty of new friends! 

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