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  • November
    By Asha R.
    I truly never realized how much attention other countries pay to the US until I found myself in Germany during the 2016 election. This election made it at times painfully...keep reading
  • Thanksgiving
    By Asha R.
    I'd like to start off by saying that Thursdays are not my day. On Thursdays I go to school for a double period of physics, one hour of geography, a...keep reading
  • Oktober
    By Asha R.
    What month is it? October? I'm confused because stores started putting out Christmas displays in late September. Yes, you read right. September. I think the reason for this is that...keep reading
  • Borkum
    By Asha R.
    For the second week on my school's fall break I had the privilege of celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of Oma and Opa on an island called Borkum. As you...keep reading

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