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  • London
    By Asha R.
    What's an American girl to do when asked if she wants to spend the long Pfingsten weekend in Paris or London? I'm still not sure completely how we finally decided...keep reading
    New Host Family!!!
    By Suzanna S.
    Hi! I’m Suzanna. I recently moved to a new town in France. It’s called Abreschviller. I have the hardest time trying to pronounce it, and most of the time I...keep reading
    Packing Tips!
    By Suzanna S.
    One of the hardest parts of preparing for an exchange is the packing. It seems impossible at first to fit your entire life into one checked bag and a carry-on...keep reading
  • Favorites
    By Suzanna S.
    It takes a while to figure out a city, to become a true citizen whose life is based upon the place. One needs to cease the incessant gawking that seems...keep reading
    By Suzanna S.
    I have not posted in awhile, but then again, not a lot has changed. The big shift is over; I’m already here. After such a huge change, I expected to...keep reading
    Au Revior!
    By Mandy G.
    Our lives are made up of experiences; this much has been said before and will probably be said again and again until the age when we have nothing left to...keep reading
  • Noël en France!
    By Mandy G.
    Christmas in undeniably my favorite time of year. The cold sets in, strings of lights trim every tree, and best of all, we stressed out students get to look forward...keep reading
  • Not-So Americana
    By Mandy G.
    Two weeks ago, I began writing a blog post that was to be entitled “Dude, I Speak French!” and included many an anecdote about my various encounters with shopkeepers, baristas,...keep reading

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