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Fluent in Body Language
By Savi C.
One of my biggest worries coming to Spain was ability to speak Spanish. How would I be able to connect with my new family? How would I successfully go to...keep reading
My First Week In Sevilla
By Maya L.
My first week in Sevilla has been the most overwhelming and craziest week of my life. To first introduce myself, my name is Maya and I will be in a...keep reading
  • Gather
    By Raquel Burgos at CIEE
    At CIEEwe believe in the important of making memories. This is why every semester we organize a potluck with our high school students and families. It is a great time...keep reading
  • Exploring Cadiz Province
    By Dani Gonzalez at CIEE
    One of the most important things about Studying Abroad is visiting new places. On the first weekend of October, we spend 3 days in Cadiz, the southernmost province in Spain...keep reading

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