Time to say Goodbye

After months of living away from home, away from their familiar surroundings, our High School Abroad students have said goodbye to their families and friends in Madrid.

Left behind the nervousness of arrival, the uncertainty of "what am I going to find" and the fear of an unknown family, school and country.

It has been months of coexistence, learning, travel and laughter, with their sad moments, why not say it ... and now, the adventure ends.

And with it comes the time to say goodbye, the tears, the sincere hugs and the promises to keep in touch.

Dear students, it has been a real pleasure to meet you and have you in Madrid with us. We are sure that these months have helped you to mature, to open your minds to the unknown, to meet different people and different customs and ideas that, without a doubt, will have enriched you as people.

From CIEE, we are very proud of your time in Madrid and we are convinced, that you return home with your backpacks full of great memories, friends and life experiences.

We'll miss you!!!

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