Fall 2020 Gap Program Modifications

CIEE recognizes that students across the U.S. are facing unprecedented uncertainty when it comes to their future educational plans. We’re committed to providing a well-balanced gap year abroad opportunity that allows students to develop as young leaders, build skills that will serve them well both in college and beyond, as well as have an exploratory experience that fosters intercultural growth.  

CIEE is pleased to announce our Fall 2020 Gap Year Abroad programs that will take place in 18 locations across four continents. With programs as diverse as language and culture to service and leadership to career exploration, CIEE’s Gap Year Abroad programs offer an unparalleled study abroad opportunity.  

Our onsite staff has carefully reviewed and modified these Gap Year Abroad programs for Fall 2020 taking into consideration the current limitations due to Covid-19.  

Students can select to participate in either one or two six-week blocks for the Fall or from one, two or three six-week blocks for Spring.  

As a reminder, rest assured that CIEE’s Gap Year Abroad Program Assurance Advantage Policy covers you in case of any program cancellation.  Please review the specific details on the Program Assurance Advantage website.  


Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Dublin, Kyoto, Madrid, Monteverde, Paris, Rabat, Rennes, Rome, Santiago (DR), Seville, Sydney, Toulouse, Yucatan

Term Location (mobility not offered for fall 2020) Start Date End Date Cost
Block I Courses delivered remotely online August 17 September 26 $150
Block II Program onsite September 28 November 7 $4,850
Block III Program onsite November 9 December 19 $4,850

Enroll for two in-country 6-week blocks and save 15% ($8,245 total)!


Application Deadline: August 1 for Block I and Block II; September 1 for Block III


Students are required to participate in all mandatory program components. That includes:

  • Any internships, job shadowing, or volunteer experiences.
  • All workshops, seminars or other included course work.
  • Day trips, excursions, and extra-curricular activities that will replace overnight excursions in order to comply with CIEE health and safety assessments which include local guidelines.
  • Students will remain at a single CIEE location as no mobility will be offered for Fall 2020.

Note: CIEE may make program modifications to any of the above to ensure compliance with evolving local regulations and recommendations.

Online Language Course Option

CIEE Gap participant have the option to audit any 1000 or 2000 language level course offered online to university-level students during Block I (August 17 – September 26). These courses will be facilitated online and will help Gap Year Abroad students gain language skills and confidence to make the most of their time abroad. Here are some important details to consider as you review options:

  • Courses listed here are optional. However, if a student registers for a given course, they are expected to be full participants and complete all required pre-work and assignments.
  • Students can choose from any of the Block I course for an additional $150.
  • Students would not receive any final grade or college credit for participating.

 Syllabi and course codes are in the process of being adapted for fall 2020 online. If you are interested in adding that online Block I to your Gap experience, simply elect that option in your application and we will follow up with you.

FREN 1001 CIEE French Language - Beginning I Paris
GERM 1001 CIEE German Language - Beginning I Berlin
ITAL 1001 CIEE Italian Language - Beginning I Rome
SPAN 1002 CIEE Spanish Language - Beginning II Buenos Aires
SPAN 2001 CIEE Spanish Language - Intermediate I Madrid

Program Specific Modifications

In response to Covid-19, CIEE has decided to implement specific modifications while other modifications will be confirmed closer to the program start date if local conditions warrant such adjustments to be made.


Overnight excursions will be suspended for Fall 2020 due to Covid-19. You will have access to ample activities and day trips to ensure you have a complete and rich cultural experience! For more information on sample activities and day trips make sure to visit the program pages which you can access below.


CIEE continues to use our health and safety benchmarks to review and analyze housing options for Fall 2020. Gap Year Abroad programs typically offer either a homestay or dorm/shared accommodation style housing. For specific information on which housing type is planned for your program location please visit the specific program page. If local conditions require a change to the housing plan, CIEE will inform students of the new details. If a student is uncomfortable with the new plan they will have the opportunity to change to a different program location, defer to a subsequent term, or cancel. CIEE will be firm on requiring a location offering a homestay to meet specific criteria to ensure student health and safety. The specific standards will be communicated to students prior to the program start date.

Note on meals: If shared accommodation is offered students would be responsible for their own meals. If homestay, the homestay will provide two meals per day.


  • CIEE will adapt program instruction across classes and workshops to ensure students can continue learning online if conditions require a move from the planned in-person format. Specifically:
  • Language classes for Language & Culture programs will be transitioned to an online format.
  • The Global Competence Course for all programs is planned to have both a global and local element. If conditions require, the local element will be shifted online, and the entire course would continue online for all students.
  • The Professional Development Workshop for Career Exploration students will be based online regardless of conditions, thus ensuring a shared experience across all Career Exploration programs.
  • The Service-Learning workshop for Service & Leadership programs would continue online.