Online Language Course Audit Option

If you are enrolled in a CIEE pre-College Gap Year Block II and/or Block III, you have the option to audit one online college-level language class during the Fall Block I term.

Courses offered are mostly beginner levels, but it could be a great way for you to either freshen up your skills before going to one of our Language & Culture programs in France, Spain, Italy or Germany or get a foundation in the local language if you’re headed to a Service & Leadership or Career Exploration program in any of these destinations.

This page provides answers to most frequently asked questions about this option. It also provides audit guidelines for Gap Year Abroad participants and links to the available Fall Block I online course portfolio participants can choose from.

If after reading this page and understanding the terms of auditing you would like to sign-up to participate in one of the online college-level courses offered, just choose the auditing option within your Gap Year Abroad application and our team will be in touch with you on next steps!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the courses offered?

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The options below are available to Gap Year Abroad participants during the Fall Block I term. Note that each course includes 60 contact hours.

Course Location of Instructor Course Syllabus
SPAN 1002 CIEE Spanish Language - Beginning II Buenos Aires Download
SPAN 2001 CIEE Spanish Language - Intermediate I Madrid Download
FREN 1001 CIEE French Language - Beginning I Paris Download
GERM 1001 CIEE German Language - Beginning I Berlin Download
ITAL 1001 CIEE Italian Language - Beginning I Rome Download

What will I receive?

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Gap Year Abroad participants will receive candid feedback from their instructor focused on each of the course’s learning objectives. The goal is to give participants tangible feedback that can be used to make future improvements to their language skills.

Expectations and policies for pre-college Gap Year Abroad students auditing this course

Before you decide to audit a course, make sure to read the following expectations and policies!

CIEE is giving you the option to audit a college level course for an additional $150 fee. This course is designed to help give you a foundation within the target language that you’ll need during your on-site experience in the host country.

It is critical that any you or student who selects to audit a course understand the parameters of what it means to audit. Therefore, CIEE asks students to read through the following restrictions and criteria before deciding whether or not they are able to fully commit to auditing the complete course.

Auditors are defined as non-credit participants in CIEE-taught classes whose enrollment is subject to specific restrictions. 

Auditors receive no course grade or credits and are not registered as students. Auditors should nevertheless approach the course as if they were credit-earning students in order to gain useful knowledge and skills and to participate to the entire class’s learning. 

Auditors are expected to:

  • Prepare assigned materials and activities as needed to be able to contribute to and participate in class meetings and (online) discussions
  • Be active and engaged participants in all individual and group work in class
  • Attend all required sessions as per the attendance policy in place
  • See themselves as member of a learning community together with the other students and instructor
  • inform the instructor if they need to withdraw from the course 

Auditors should not:

  • Disclose their auditor status to fellow students, though instructors will be informed
  • Expect to receive credit or a final grade. Instructors will provide feedback, which may include grades, on course activities and assessment during the term
  • Comment on or engage in discussion without having done the required preparation
  • Do anything else that might interfere with another student’s learning experience