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Plan The Gap Experience That Works For You

Our Gap programs were redesigned to be shorter, more flexible and affordable to allow you to maximize your time and combine several study abroad experiences with personal travel, online learning or anything else you may have going on before heading to college.

Next fall, you could be practicing your French skills at a local cheese shop in Paris, team up with a local nonprofit organization in South Africa, or gain professional experience following conservationists in the Costa Rican cloud forest!

All our programs last 6 weeks and can be extended into a longer experience. Please note travel between countries will not be possible in Fall 2021, in order to minimize risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, but you will still be able to combine 6-week blocks to discover the many facets of a single location!

All our programs include


Learn by doing. Whether it’s practicing your language skills in the community, engaging with local youth on a service project, or gaining insights directly from professionals, all our programs provide you with the opportunity to learn in the real-world.


Immerse yourself in the local culture through cultural activities, workshops, excursions with your group or tips for solo discovery around town or independent travel. Don’t miss a sight! No matter how long you choose to stay, we always make sure you make the most of every single day.


Join our online cohort of gap students to share insights on your experience and broaden your perspective through workshops, guest lectures and self-reflection. Grow into a global citizen and come home with the tools, concepts and experience to contribute more meaningfully to your own community.

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  • 6-week flexible blocks

    Your cultural immersion features total immersion in your host community and rapid progress in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Arabic.

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  • 6-week flexible blocks

    Explore how actions ripples through a community to drive change, as you help move the needle on children’s rights, youth mentorship or environmental sustainability.

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  • 6-week flexible blocks

    Learn from professionals in a field that picks your interest such as climate change, entrepreneurship, social activism or sustainability.

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