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Three weeks
By Kira F.
Three weeks. That’s how long they said it would take to feel the transition from my life back home to my life in a new and exciting city. Three weeks...keep reading
  • First Weekend
    By Kira F.
    Coucou!** I have officially been in France for over a week, but in reality it feels like I have only just arrived. Despite being a newbie, I don’t feel like...keep reading
  • Meet the Fam
    By Kira F.
    Bonjour! I have been here almost one week! I would write tomorrow when it is officially a week, but I will actually be traveling for my first weekend living in...keep reading
    By Kira F.
    DISCLAIMER: I'll publish a "first few days" post soon, but first I want to write about packing. This is just for the people like me who spent way too much...keep reading
    Makeup and Memories
    By Kira F.
    Today I spent four hours sorting makeup. Why? 1. I truly do have more makeup than anyone needs 2. As I swiped on a new lip shade or opened another...keep reading
    By Kira F.
    "Whatcha know ‘bout me?" -Lil Mama Let me start at the beginning: I was born in Atlanta, Georgia into a family consisting of a supportive mother, a silly father and...keep reading

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