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  • Feria de Abril
    By Kate M.
    ¡Ha empezado la Feria! The Feria has started! The second most well known festival in Seville is underway and so far a huge success. Many years ago, the Feria was...keep reading
  • La Semana Santa
    By Eliza M.
    Semana Santa was an absolutely unbelievable experience. I, unfortunately, was only there for two days, but even that was enough to see how amazing the whole week is. Technically, it's...keep reading
  • La Semana Santa in Seville
    By Kate M.
    Feliz Pascua! Happy Easter! There was hardly any time to rest after coming back from Gran Canaria this past week. When we arrived in Sevilla, Semana Santa was in full...keep reading
  • Lots of things
    By Eliza M.
    Helloo. SO SO many pictures to share with you all and adventures and whew the time is FLYING. So crazy. First. Some pictures from a while ago at the parque...keep reading
  • To: Krammer; With love: Alex
    By Alex L.
    Hola amigos!! Happy belated Valentine's Day! This Valentine's Day marked my one month anniversary with Sevilla, and I think things are starting to get really serious between us <3 To...keep reading
  • Seville Street Art
    By Kate M.
    This week we had a very interesting tour about the graffiti in Seville. Usually I have a negative connotation with the word “graffiti”, but after this tour, I have a...keep reading

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