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  • Visiting an Old Friend
    By Reed F.
    Two years ago I did a short exchange with a family in Southern France. Axel, a fellow young man who grew up in southern France, spent two weeks living with...keep reading
  • Settling In
    By Reed F.
    My first week in Toulouse was not the smoothest transition I’ve ever experienced. My first time walking home I got incredibly lost. I ended up walking around searching for my...keep reading
    By High School Gap Year at CIEE
    Hi and Welcome! My name is Sarah and I am a gap student with CIEE. After my year in Toulouse I will be going to the University of Colorado at...keep reading
    Who am I?
    By Esaaba A.
    Hi all, My name is Esaaba Archine and this is basically going to be a blog about my Parisian experience. I hope you will enjoy the journey as we explore...keep reading
    Sick Nasty!
    By Kira F.
    Disclaimer: this post is more geared towards those who are looking for advice for their own Gap Year in Paris, but feel free to read anyway! There are fewer things...keep reading
  • Call me Princess Kira
    By Kira F.
    I love Paris, but I have decided to move. I’ll be packing my things this week and heading to my new home: Le château de Versailles. It's fitting for me...keep reading
  • Welcome, Moses!!!
    By Kira F.
    IT’S A BOY! On February 8, 2016 the CIEE Gap Year¨Program welcomed their new little miracle: Moses Milchberg. He weighed over 100 lbs and measured at a whopping six feet...keep reading

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