My Hunt for a Real Belgian Waffle

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Oliver H.

Oliver H.

Last weekend I went on an excursion with CIEE to Brussels in Belgium. I went with a group of about seventy students and four chaperones. Everything I did was great, but my favorite part about the trip was the food, and specifically the waffles. The first meal I ate was inspired by the classic cuisine of Brussels. The meal began with an amazing hot cheese fondue inside of a breaded crust . Thankfully the plate had tomatoes on the side so I was able to smother the tomatoes in the remaining cheese and leave nothing on my plate. The main course was a beef-stew with a side French fries (Although I learned that fries originate from Belgium). The beef was perfectly tender and the fries were a great addition. Finally came the dessert, this was what I had been waiting for, the chance to try a real Belgian Waffle. It came out presented with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. It looked amazing, I was so excited. Unfortunately, it did not live up to the hype. It was hard and not very warm. Oh the disappointment.

I got another waffle the next day at a small restaurant in the center of town that was topped with strawberries, chocolate sauce, ice cream and whipped cream. I was content, but honestly not impressed. I've eaten many homemade "Belgian waffles" that I've liked much more. Trust me it's not as good as it looks. 


I then overheard one of my friends saying how they loved the waffles here, and I told them how I disagreed. My friend then told me that I have to try the Gaufre de Liège (Sugar waffle) which is the real specialty waffle of Belgium. I then immediately went to a small shop that sold these waffles. I ordered a Gaufre de Liège with no toppings because I didn’t want to hinder the flavor. It was amazing, truly every good thing I had heard about a Belgian waffle. I’m not able to say where the best waffle is made, but I can say that the real Belgian waffle is the Gaufre de Liège.

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