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When you think of Berlin, you might think sausages and horseradish.

Think again.

8 Februar 2018, Mauerpark (Flea Market)

 A nutella crepe. I was only able to get a couple of bites before—while spinning around looking for more food—the poor thing slipped off the end of my plate and landed in a heap on the ground.

18 Februar 2018, Mauerpark (Flea Market) same day...

As I picked up the crepe and made my way towards the garbage can in a kind of walk of shame (there were a lot of people around who saw the whole thing, including my friend who was laughing hysterically), I spotted the kimchi pajeon and decided it was a good replacement. 

22 Februar 2018, Easy Like Monday Morning (Space Shack)

So at the coworking space I work at, there is a super delicious place called, “Easy Like Monday Morning,” and they sell these bowl things we call Boxes. I think they call them Lunch Boxes. I took my friends there and they said to take a picture everytime I eat there. Because I’m so hungry by the time I get my lunch, I usually forget to take a picture. But just imagine almost every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I eat a box for lunch. The other intern who works at my place usually gets one for lunch and then one to go for dinner. And then another one for her roommate who also loves them. And the guys who work there are awesome. They’re always so jolly (if that’s the right word). My first time there, I just stood there with my boss, and he took one look at my confused face and said in his german-accented English, “You know what? I make you a mix. You want a mix? I give you a mix with a special sauce mix. Just wait. You like chicken? I give you chicken. How about sweet potato. I give you sweet potato. Give me ten minutes.” Then bam. Best lunch.

24 Februar 2018, Bologna, Italy

La Dotta, La Grassa, La Rossa [The Learned One, The Fat One, The Red One]

La Dotta: For the oldest university in Europe

La Grassa: For its cuisine, esp. the famous Bolognese meat based pasta sauce w/ tomatoes and a bit of cream

La Rossa: For the red rooftops found throughout the city. Even the building facades are red.

27 Februar 2018, Beets & Roots

Bowls are a popular trend currently, and this place is no difference. I was really craving salmon so I got a salmon bowl and it was amazing.

28 Februar 2018, CIEE 2nd Floor Kitchen

When we are sick: Avocado toast w/ an egg, Emergen-C, clementine, and hand sanitizer (not to eat).

*My roommate and I cook almost every dinner in the kitchen. We split the groceries because it’s just easier that way.

1 March 2018 Box

Another One

1 March 2018, some Italian restaurant down the street and a couple of blocks over from CIEE

Celebrated a friend’s birthday with pasta and tiramisu

3 March 2018, Breakfast in Prague

R.C.C.C.P (Rooibos and Chocolate Croissant in Cafe in Prague)

3 March 2018, Chimney

A chimney pastry in Prague. They usually fill these with ice cream, but the one we went to didn’t have ice cream.

5 March 2018, Lunch Box

There it is

9 March, 2018, Box

Two in a row. Just looking at them makes my mouth water. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

10 March 2018, CIEE 2nd Floor Kitchen

If you ever want your tastebuds to feel like they’re burning off, or want to see what your mouth feels like on fire, try the Spicy Noodle Challenge. It’s a Korean thing that one of our friends found at an Asian market. A couple weeks later we tried the 2x Spicy Noodle Challenge. I could finish the regular one. The 2x, I could only take a bite. That one bite was worse than the whole bowl of the regular one. I was crying and hot and had a lot of yogurt drinks (Yakult) and mini Magnum ice cream bars. 

10 March, 2018, Cocolo Ramen

We were craving nice warm soup, but also in the mood for Asian food again.

13 March 2018, 1990 Vegan Living

Super good vegan Thai/Vietnamese/Asian place that we went to with our vegan friend and his vegan family. It was really good.

14 March 2018, Room 215 (Literally my dorm room)

My roommate and I were too lazy to go to the kitchen a few doors down to cook anything. This was my masterpiece. The recipe: microwave leftover rice. Cook an egg in a cup, wash a green onion with the sink in your room, cut the green onion with clean scissors, dump the egg on top of the rice, sprinkle the green onions on top, add soy sauce and pepper to taste. I sent a snap to my friend and his response: “That’s gross.” Eh.

15 March, 2018 CIEE 2nd Floor Kitchen

We actually cooked this dinner before, and it was surprisingly really good. Zucchini on stove top sprinkled w/ salt and pepper. Mushrooms w/ salt and pepper. Chicken breast, onion, garlic, soy sauce, sugar. Fluffy rice.

16 March 2018, Angry Chicken

At this point I was really craving Korean food. I had a pajeon earlier, but that wasn’t enough for me. And it was super salty. I had a bibimbap, and my friend had some chicken and sweet potato chips with some special sauce.

16 March, 2018 Time for Brot

My roomie brought back amazing cinnamon rolls a couple days before this day, and we heated them up in the microwave. The one in front is a chocolate one, and the one in the back is a classic cinnamon roll.

17 March, 2018 Mustafa’s

The first time I had Doner. It’s actually very popular in Berlin (especially Kreuzberg, the neighborhood in which we live). I also had falafel a few times, which is also really popular. This same day we had a currywurst, but it was gone before I could get my phone out. Mustafa’s always has a super long line. We were lucky enough to wait in a shorter line. The popular currywurst place is right next door, so people get a currywurst at Curry 36, and the wait in line for a Doner. Ingenious.

18 March, 2018 Room 215

A leftover crepe w/ nutella. My roomie is part French, so she made us crepes the day before. The leftover one was supposed to be for our other friend, but she never came to pick it up, so I just ate it for breakfast.

20 March, 2018 Some falafel place

A falafel in a burrito, and a hot chocolate from a cafe. A super good falafel. A little strange that it came in a burrito, but no complaining because it was so much easier to eat, and it was amazing. And the hot chocolate was the best one I had in Berlin. Other than the Swiss Miss I brought from the states.

22 March 2018, some Vietnamese place next to Space Shack

A super good Vietnamese place. There are a lot of Vietnamese places around Berlin. Pho is pretty popular too.

22 March 2018 Ice Cream Place on Gneisenaustrasse

I guess my roommate thought she’d be artsy with an ice cream picture. I’d say mini ice cream cones are also a trend, but what really happened was I finished ¾ of it before we got to our room. A lot of ice cream places don't open until the first day of Spring. So...21 March.

24 March, 2018 Good Lood

A more wholesome ice cream cone. This was really good creamy caramel ice cream in Krakow. We even had to wait for 10 minutes in a line that went out the door. *How do you say caramel?*

24 March 2018, Pierogi place

A vegetarian/vegan pierogi for our vegan friend. It was really good too. It’s like a dumpling with veggies inside.

24 March 2018, A falafel at the same place we got the pierogi

A lot of yogurt sauce.

25 March 2018, Veganic
So even though it may not look too appetizing, it was really good. I say that a lot about a lot of foods. But this was really good. It was an egg and mushroom scrambled egg dish. Because it was Palm Sunday, a lot of people must have been at church because the whole restaurant/cafe was empty. 

27 March 2018, Benedict Berlin

A 24/7 breakfast/brunch place with really good pancakes…

27 March 2018, Benedict Berlin
...and avocado toast. It’s like they used two avocados for a half of a slice of bagel and 3 eggs for the other half. It was a mountain of food, but it was so good. My roomie and I split. We tend to split a lot of foods so that we can try more foods. A little taste of everything.

Also, we saw Lakeith Stanfield! He played Andre in Get Out, and he’s also in Atlanta, but I don’t know what character he is...but he was sitting about two table away. If you want to see some famous people in Berlin, I would try your luck at Benedict.

28 March 2018, Of course

How fitting to end this post with this.

So this was a long post, sorry..., but it also had a lot of pictures. Of food. Also I realize that I said "in Berlin" earlier, but I included some foods from different countries. Oh well. You get my point, right?

Guten Appetit

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