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Hannah S.

My semester in Berlin has been the best I could have imagined. I was able to experience an internship where I could be challenged to think outside of the box, and also show my boss what I could do creatively in a working environment. Of course, working with a company had its ups and downs, and it was—at times—super stressful. That’s a given. But my boss, at the end of my internship said that she hoped that she could teach us more about marketing and the business world. That is why it felt so stressful. Everything that she did had a reason. And I really did learn so much from her. I met so many different, amazing people not only in the co-working space, but also my program and other programs as well. Since a lot of people were in college already, talking with them made me more excited to go off to college and experience new things. They had so many stories to tell and a lot of advice. Last year, when I was deciding what to do with my next four years, I realized that I wasn’t ready to go off to college yet. I wanted to experience something other than school. But now that I’ve had my break, I’m more than ready to go back to school and start learning even more.

*My roommate had to take everything down because I had left already

"And they were ROOMMATES!"

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