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Testimonials from participants that have recently attended CIEE programs across London & Berlin. 


"I thought it was a great experience and extremely well organized. I felt very comfortable."

Kathleen Walbrun


"It has been an amazing experience so far, and I believe that my peers back home would benefit immensely from participating in this program."

Jamie Byers


"I thought CIEE was very helpful in all aspects of the process and made the experience worthwhile and fulfilling."

Andrew Morgan



"I would recommend this program because it is simply immaculate, life changing."

Erick Noguera



"I would be likely to recommend CIEE to a friend because they're such a rewarding program with so many opportunities. The staff is very helpful, and they're great at giving advice when it comes to coming to a country you've never been to before."

Jenna Jonke



"Very good staff that helped with the difficult process of visa validation, and navigating the German system. Would recommend the Business program. Thanks John! John is a great help and a great asset to CIEE."

Matthew Rigel


"I would highly recommend this program because of the exposure to different cultures, personal vulnerability, and opportunity for growth. Participating in the program with nine other fellows made the experience that much better."

Vincent Owoseni



"The program is well thought out, the staff are extremely helpful and friendly, and just about everything was simply fantastic. Would HIGHLY  recommend CIEE."

Donald Riegger



"CIEE was one of the best times of my life. I loved it here in Berlin and would recommend to anyone that they should participate in this program."

Calvin Balk



"The flexibility of the course load has been the biggest advantage of coming over through CIEE. The leadership was engaging, and the study trips were fun and inspiring."

Jonathan Darrington



"It is in a once in a lifetime experience that someone carries with them forever."

Jasmine Hardy



"It was an incredible experience in Berlin and CIEE supported me throughout all of it."

Jackson Cohan-Smith



"I loved CIEE because of how friendly and knowledgeable the staff is. The classes were enjoyable and enriching, and the professors were always there to help."

David Proano



"Expert knowledge / skill of professors, course content, willingness of CIEE Staff to help, and geographic location in Berlin."

Michael Hance



"This has been an enriching experience!! The program is very well put together, the courses offered were fantastic, and the staff took really good care of us throughout these 6 weeks!"

Magenta Palo

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