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eLab Stories of Growth and Success

eLab alumni have started companies, met co-founders, acquired investment, grown their teams wisely, developed new products, and tapped new revenue streams. 

From scientist to entrepreneur

After decades as a scientist, Christian Schappeit decided to found his own company, Farmlyplace, which explores farming and consumer-supported agriculture. Christian enrolled at eLab Advance to deepen his knowledge of logistics and marketing. With the help from the eLab team, he has perfected his pitch and found a supportive community to help him grow his venture.

Making a dream real

Before she came to eLab, Cristiane Patriota was a freelance fashion designer with a dream of starting her own company. With eLab as her launch pad, she optimized her business concept and developed a solid marketing plan for her brand, Vintage Gold.

Finding new markets

Krunoslav Weinpert is the founder of Pointers, the Croatian market leader for local travel. He enrolled at eLab to get exposure to investors and explore building a network in Germany. At eLab Advance, Krunoslav found the perfect business partner and began taking steps to expand by entering the German market. 

New career, new brand

Aeysha Ahmed graduated from Kings College in London. Instead of pursuing a corporate career, she decided to start a cosmetics brand for Muslim women. She came to eLab to learn more about entrepreneurship and how to tap into the startup scene, and then quickly produced and sold her first product assortment. 

  • Getting ready to take the reins -- and go big

    Arpit Singh enrolled at eLab to prepare to take over his family’s restaurant business. His goal was to learn more about international marketing strategy and establish contacts in London to help fuel international expansion.

  • Finding new direction

    Nasia Filippidi studied marketing at Oxford and worked in the luxury segment before enrolling at eLab. She joined our program to improve her entrepreneurial skills and find people that share her mindset. At eLab, Nasia completely changed her career, using our program to expand her network and create a solid scaling plan for her venture, Travel Panda.

  • Gaining skill, changing careers

    Erin Brown wanted to leave her career as a client service director behind and start her own company. She joined eLab with the idea of starting a counselling business with co-working and co-living arrangements. At eLab, her business pitch was selected by Founders Institute accelerator, where she continued working on her venture.

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