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CIEE – a nonprofit global leader in intercultural exchange – founded eLab to foster entrepreneurship and equip young leaders to beat the odds. Ninety-five percent of all start-ups fail, largely as a result of insufficient preparation and planning. We’re out to change those odds for you.

eLab is an alternative for soon to be or recent graduates and working professionals, hungry for experience they can’t get in the confines of narrowly defined jobs. And as world economies grow ever more intertwined, eLab programs also nurture tomorrow’s business leaders so they can communicate and collaborate successfully, all over the globe.

With rigorous, condensed programs, eLab programs provide tools, expert coaching and hands-on experience to help business enthusiasts avoid common pitfalls, think on their feet and bring their visions to fruition, faster.

We Offer You:


  • The best learning comes from experience – that’s why the majority of our faculty have founded or run their own businesses. Based in prime start-up centers, eLab participants benefit from proximity to the keenest entrepreneurial minds with company visits and guest speakers.


  • Surrounded by peers and mentors from all over the globe, you’ll get the perspective you need to test your vision, refine it, hatch new ideas, find partnerships, and more.


  • Unlike some entrepreneurial programs, CIEE is independent and has no obligations to the special interests of an industry or group. We’re here to help you reach your goals. ELab is not an accelerator and we do not take shares of business ideas developed by participants during our program.


  • Launch place of star startups like Zalando, Babbel, N26, and Careship; Berlin attracts plenty of bright minds – and plenty of venture capital. Then there’s London. Home of noted newcomers like Ravelin, Digital Shadows and Nested, London attracts a sizeable pool of investors of its own – and also has bragging rights as one of the world’s most multicultural cities.


Backed with 70 Years of Experience

Since 1947, CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange has brought two million people together through cultural exchanges and educational experiences that foster global harmony and peace. As the leading nonprofit international education organization, CIEE fosters 50,000 exchange experiences for people from 136 countries every year at more than 60 CIEE study sites worldwide.

The CIEE mission: To help people gain an understanding, acquire knowledge and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.

How eLab Began:



CIEE programs have connected nearly two million young people from all over the world since 1947 and helped them build the skills and gain the tools they need to succeed as global citizens. Along the way, CIEE has steadily innovated its programs and services to anticipate and meet today’s needs. Thus the inception of eLab.


More graduates – one in five in the UK alone in fact – are starting their own businesses. At the same time, most starts up can’t make a successful pitch or land a place in a funded accelerator program. Why? They lack essential skills and knowledge. Yes, there are business lab programs out there. But because they’re linked with specific industries or universities, they’re simply not creating a real disruption to the status-quo that many of today’s promising young people intuitively know is necessary to get ahead.


Yet we believe these motivated people hold promise for solving big problems, with innovative solutions. So we set out to create dynamic programs to equip them for success.

Programs for Each Step of Your Journey