Your Bridge to a Brighter Future

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Do you think your business idea could impact your local community? Are you working to change the lives of people around the globe? 

We want you to have a chance to make a difference. That’s why we offer eLab scholarships to international applicants with financial need and those from minority groups, regardless of age, nationality, or field of study. If your background matches one of the categories below, we invite you to apply for an eLab scholarship. Read on, and refer to the directions below! 


Founding Females

One in five founders are women – and we want to change that. eLab fosters a culture where women thrive. By showcasing successful women entrepreneurs in our curriculum and mentoring and networking efforts, we support our mission to create a more supportive and inclusive ecosystem. With an equal pay-gap in many countries, we want to support, enable, and empower more women to be part of our eLab program. That’s why we offer scholarship funding of up to 50% off our eLab Emerge and eLab Advance programs to qualified female applicants.

Global Innovators

We want to empower and enable people with ambitious ideas that can be scaled. No matter which industry you aim to disrupt, we’re looking for applicants with an impact mindset who are keen to make a difference. To help applicants from all nations contribute to the global community, we encourage business founders with promising scalable global business ideas to join us, with 50% off program fees for our six-week eLab programs.

Community Impact

eLab is committed to making a difference in communities by providing scholarships and supporting founders who strive to create change and improve the lives of others. To that end, we support social entrepreneurship applicants with scholarship funding of up to 50% off eLab program fees.


How to Apply for a Scholarship

  1. Apply to any eLab program. Our Emerge, Advance, and Complete options make it easy to find the perfect fit. 

  2. Choose the appropriate scholarship: Founding Females, Global Innovators, or Community Impact.

  3. Prepare your 300-word essay and a letter of recommendation from an instructor, professor, counselor, or employer. (In your essay, briefly describe why you are interested in eLab, your business idea, any entrepreneurial experience you have, and how you think eLab will benefit you personally and professionally. Don’t forget to tell us the type of scholarship you’re applying for!)

  4. Send an email with your essay and recommendation to We review scholarship applications every two weeks, so you’ll get an answer soon.