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Hey, you with the big idea! We want to help you develop your vision, step into the startup world, and have a life-changing international experience at eLab with scholarships and other special discounts.

You’ll find out about funding fast. Once we begin awarding scholarships for an upcoming program, we’ll notify you within two weeks.

You can be part of our international cohort of students, applications from over 48 countries, for aspiring entrepreneurs to network, learn and collaborate

Founding Females

1 in 5 founders are women and we are here to change that. We want to support women to be part of our eLab program so there are more female founders. eLab fosters a culture where women thrive by showcasing successful women entrepreneurs in our curriculum, mentorship, and networking. What’s more, we’re offering scholarships of up to 50% off our eLab Emerge and eLab Advance programs to qualified female applicants. 

Global Innovators

We want to enable people who have an ambitious scalable idea to take their idea further. Your business could be for any industry but it will be a big idea which is going to disrupt and have real impact. To help people from all nations contribute to the global community, we encourage business founders with promising scalable global business ideas to join us, with 50% off program fees for six-week eLab programs.

Community Impact

eLab are committed to making a difference in communities through scholarships and supporting founders who are looking to create change and improvement to the lives of others. We want to support social entrepreneurship, with scholarships up to 50% off program fees. Develop your social entrepreneurship idea into a successful business you can take home.


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