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Launching your own business is like turning the page on a new chapter of life. It takes courage, curiosity, and a set of skills and tools you might not have yet. That’s where eLab comes in. 

Our comprehensive six-week action-based program for upcoming entrepreneurs will inspire and challenge you, as you shape your ideas and turn them into a business plan and investor-ready pitch. 

During the day, join interactive workshops, group discussions, and individual mentoring sessions. In the evenings, meet key players in the local startup scene and attend networking events and fireside chats. You’ll connect with successful founders, thought leaders, and key players to help you launch a successful company. 

By the end of the program you’ll have a viable business and financial plan, and a roadmap filled with specific prompts to help you convince angel investors or join an accelerator. You’ll confidently navigate the landscape and speak the language of entrepreneurship. Most of all, you’ll be tapped into a global network of great minds who – like you – are passionately working towards their dream businesses. 

Start your business with eLab Emerge!

Program Apply By Program Start Program Fee
eLab Emerge Spring Feb 3 Feb 17 $4,999
eLab Emerge Summer Apr 27 May 11 $4,999


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Leave eLab with:

  • A solid business plan

  • A compelling pitch deck

  • An international network

What to Expect, Week by Week

Our program is highly immersive and designed to teach you soft and hard skills essential to rev up as an entrepreneur. The high-energy vibe in Berlin or London – the hubs we’ve chosen for this program – is sure to inspire and motivate as you accomplish different milestones each week. The program is taught in English by experienced business leaders.

Throughout the program, you’ll enjoy access to industry meet-ups and learn how to tap into the local startup scene in your city of choice. Have a specialty interest? Your program manager is always ready to help you find activities and meet-ups that can help you learn more.

Week 1: Design Thinking and Idea Generation

This is a week filled with new impressions: new city, new people, and so many new opportunities. You’ll get a grasp of various design thinking and creative techniques, and mingle with people from the local startup ecosystem.

As you work on group assignments with other eLab participants and learn more about their experiences, cultures, expertise, and skills, you’re sure to be inspired.

Week 2: Product Market Fit and Customer Value

The buzz words agile and lean will feel like familiar old friends after this week, as you learn about product market fit and aspects of the lean movement and customer development. You’ll apply these theoretical lessons to your specific business case. As in every week here, you’ll flex your entrepreneurial mental muscles as you collaborate on various assignments with other participants. You’ll also practice applying  stronger, argumentative language to address and convince potential stakeholders.

Week 3: Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Social Impact

Dive deep into your business idea to add value for your customers and society as a whole. We’ll discuss different strategies of sustainable entrepreneurship, and define how to identify and measure the impact of your business. 

This week you also start developing an entrepreneurial mindset with concrete actions. You’ll begin to shape your ideas into a minimum viable product and learn to test the impact of the product or service you envision. With one-on-one coaching support, you’ll set a roadmap of your goals for the next few weeks ahead. 

Week 4: Entrepreneurial Finance

This week, you learn the ins and outs of financial intelligence for entrepreneurs. We’ll discuss how to establish and forecast a profit and loss statement, and draft a solid liquidity plan. You’ll get a clear understanding of the difference between equity and debt, and learn how to prepare to pitch investors. 

You’ll learn more about financial planning by learning from leaders of business accelerators, ready to share their insider fundraising knowledge.

Week 5: Sustainable Business Plan and 21st Century Marketing

You’ll kick off week five with an industry and market analysis that will serve as a base for your company’s business plan. You’ll learn the difference between red and blue ocean strategies and how to build a value proposition that overrides your competition. You’ll also work on clarifying various aspects to build and grow your company, and develop a marketing strategy for your product or service using cutting-edge tools and techniques.


This week includes your big moment: presenting your business on stage. Because you’ve been working on your pitch, you’ll be well prepared to step up and present. Established founders and investors will provide immediate feedback and share additional ideas for your business. 

At the end of the eLab Emerge program, your certificate is proof that you know the fundamentals of starting a business, looking for funding, and taking the steps required to bring your business forward or take the next step that is right for you.

Is eLab Emerge right for you? 

This program is designed for people who dream about starting their own business and want a solid start. While many of our alumni have no previous business background, we have also welcomed business school graduates. Our participants appreciate the focused time, mentoring, and hands-on guidance that help them turn their ideas into solid business plans.  

Some participants don’t have specific ideas when they arrive; others come with a clear mission. Either way, at eLab Emerge, you’ll be empowered with the skills you need to start your business and navigate this landscape. 

Because the eLab environment is intentionally diverse and inclusive, you’ll gain insights and exchange thoughts and experiences with people from all over the world.

Sounds like an exciting six weeks, right?

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  • Berlin

    Entrepreneurs, thought leaders, venture capitalists, and creatives have flocked to Berlin. Tap the city’s youthful vibe and get inspired by successful startups of every size.

  • London

    Get a royal jump on your startup plans in this mighty financial capitol. London has a healthy supply of venture capital and industry events keep fueling the market for new ideas. 

Program Fee: $4,999

Get more for your money with CIEE’s eLab. There are no hidden charges or disappointing surprises when you arrive.

  •  Immerse yourself in the local startup ecosystem
  • Develop your pitch deck and business plan
  • An opportunity to pitch your startup 
  • Create connections with founders and startups 
  • Get an understanding of the investment scene


We want to help as many people as possible benefit from eLab. 

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Upcoming Program Dates

All Programs are offered in Berlin and London

Program Welcome Date Pitch day Apply by
eLab Emerge Spring Feb 17 Mar 25 Feb 3
eLab Emerge Summer May 11 Jun 17 Apr 27

Meet Our Alumni

  • Arpit, India

    “eLab has has allowed me to understand essential workstyles of different cultures, it's been great working with other entrepreneurs to fulfill a common goal”

  • Melissa, Malaysia

    “eLab has given me values and insights that I could not have learned at a university course.”

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  • Cristiane, Italy

    “I didn't think the programme was real when I saw it and now I am completely wowed, there is some much value in 6 weeks”

Participant Testimonials

  • “eLab has offered me the opportunity to put myself in a position to make my dreams of building a start-up come true. I don't believe there's any other program where you can come in with an idea and dream and watch it become reality before your eyes” 

    Garrett, US
  • My time with e-Lab was everything I hoped for - and more.  It was amazing to be able to start building a network almost from the very first day as well as soaking up knowledge and advice from the excellent teachers and mentors.  Inspirational speakers and visits to successful start ups made the entire experience motivational as well as useful in a practical sense. 

  • eLab is so far a great experience overall: dynamic and very relevant field visits to companies and startups. 

    Silvia, UK
  • eLab has given me values and insights that I could not have learned at a university course. 

    Melissa, Malaysia
  • Entrepreneur Lab CIEE has a strong network in Berlin, and not only expanding my professional networks but also gives me a better understanding of businesses. I also believe that it’s a privilege to be able to learn all that in an amazing startup city like Berlin. During these 6 weeks, I have also got a few business chances. 

  • I really enjoyed the fireside chats and company visits. I find it’s really useful to learn from all of these experienced and successful startups and companies. 


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