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Our Most Comprehensive Program

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Take Our eLab Emerge and eLab Advance Programs Back to Back!

You can even take the eLab Emerge program in one city, and the second in the other. This way you get to experience two of Europe’s best startup cities, and learn from the different approaches and perspectives of two cultures.

First you’ll learn how to find a compelling idea and build a successful startup in eLab Emerge. Then you’ll deepen your knowledge and understanding of how startups work, get the skills to grow a young business in  eLab Advance. Don’t miss the chance to meet as many successful entrepreneurs as possible and extend your network!

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Get more for your money with Entrepreneur Lab by CIEE.

Program Fee: $9,000–SAVE, $2,000

Get more for your money with Entrepreneur Lab by CIEE. There are no hidden charges or disappointing surprises when you arrive.


  • Intensive 90 + contact-hour seminars
  • Specialization workshops
  • Guest lectures from experienced business founders
  • Company visits
  • Personal on-site mentoring
  • Networking events
  • Two pitch events
  • Choose one course in London and the other in Berlin, or stay in one city for 12 weeks.

Develop a compelling business plan


An eLab certificate, a fully developed and compelling business plan, a pitch deck, and all the skills and insights you need to join a leading accelerator.

Program Fee: $9,000

Get more for your money with CIEE’s eLab. There are no hidden charges or disappointing surprises when you arrive.

  •  Immerse yourself into the local start-up Ecosystem
  • Develop your pitch deck & business plan
  • An opportunity to pitch your start-up 
  •  Create connections with founders and start-ups 
  • Get an understanding of the investment scene


We want to help as many people as possible benefit from eLab. 

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Upcoming Program Dates

All Programs are offered in Berlin and London.

Term Start Date End Date Deadline
eLab 3 Apr 1 May 11 Mar 18
eLab 4 May 13 Jun 21 Apr 29
eLab 5 Jun 24 Aug 9 Jun 10
eLab 6 Aug 12 Sep 20 Jul 28

What People are Saying

  • “I’m completely wowed – so much value in six weeks!“

    Cristiane, Brazil
  • "The Design Thinking module gave me the mindset I need to grow my business."

    Rex, France
  • "Elab offers me a unique opportunity to give the knowledge necessary for my entrepreneurial journey."

    Leonidas, Greece
  • "eLab has helped me to grow a precision mindset as an entrepreneur as enthusiasm will only get you so far."

    Aeysha, UK
  • “I’m only 2 weeks into the program and elab has already been a game changer in terms of testing and validating my idea.” 

    Erin, US
  • "eLab is so far a great experience overall: dynamic and very relevant field visits to companies and start ups."

    Silvia, UK

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  • eLab Extension

    Build on all you’ve learned with six additional weeks of mentorship, plus full access to eLab workspace and facilities.

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