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Prepare to Accelerate Your Business

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Scale Your Startup or Prepare to Join a Leading Accelerator

Prepare your investor-ready sustainable idea for market or, gain the support you need to develop and grow your newly launched business. Explore new markets and make valuable connections with successful business owners, investors, accelerators and business development leaders.

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The Payoff

  • An eLab Advance Certificate

  • A Fully developed Growth Plan for your business

  • Skills and Insights to Join an Accelerator program

Program Structure

Each week will consist of a combination of activities designed to maximize your experiential learning experience including day sessions and group work, guest talks and discussions, coaching and fire side chats. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the startup landscape and feel the entrepreneurial spirit by meeting with some of the most influential people of the Berlin / London startup scene. 

Identify New Horizons

Discover growth and innovation opportunities for your business and translate gained insights into actionable opportunities.  Discover opportunities within new product development, marketing, market penetration and organizational (business) transformation.

Become an Entrepreneurial Leader

Gaining just leadership or entrepreneurship qualities as a business leader is not enough to maintain growth, development and sustainability of a startup. Entrepreneurial leadership combines leadership qualities with the entrepreneurial mindset and spirit. Become an entrepreneurial leader who is willing to take risks, seize opportunities, pursue innovation and be creative in terms of  production, interchange and strategy.

Be & Do it Agile / Build Agile into Your Workflow

There is a big difference between reading about agility and actually putting it into practice. Being agile means considering new ways to do things and depends entirely on the human factor. Change yourself first, then your business and team in order to work more collaboratively and to respond rapidly, efficiently, and effectively to change.

Measure Sustainability Impact

Sustainable entrepreneurship has great potential in helping to solve some of our major social, environmental and economic challenges we face. Learn how to aim for the highest sustainability impact, working towards innovations which are good for your business, good for your customer and good for the wider system.

Develop a Sustainable Growth Roadmap

Identify a sustainable purpose and your new customer. Develop your growth strategy and create a step-by-step plan for what comes next in your business. Find out how to attract growth in finance.

Program Fee: $4,500

Get more for your money with CIEE’s eLab. There are no hidden charges or disappointing surprises when you arrive.

  •  Immerse yourself into the local start-up Ecosystem
  • Develop your pitch deck & business plan
  • An opportunity to pitch your start-up 
  •  Create connections with founders and start-ups 
  • Get an understanding of the investment scene


We want to help as many people as possible benefit from eLab. 

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Upcoming Program Dates

All Programs are offered in Berlin and London.

Start Date End Date Deadline
Jun 24 Aug 2 Jun 10
Aug 12 Sep 20 Jul 28
Sept 23 Nov 1 Aug 10

Meet Our Alumni

  • Krunoslav, Croatia

    “eLab has helped me a lot, it has given me new knowledge. and taught me how I can grow up with  my business”

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  • Nilab, Germany

    “eLab has helped me to identify the different problems and benefits of my  business idea, it's a great program for entrepreneurs”

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  • Aeysha, UK

    "eLab has helped me to grow a precision mindset as an entrepreneur as enthusiasm will only get you so far."

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Participant Testimonials

  • “I’m completely wowed – so much value in six weeks!“

    Cristiane, Brazil
  • "The Design Thinking module gave me the mindset I need to grow my business."

    Rex, France
  • "Elab offers me a unique opportunity to give the knowledge necessary for my entrepreneurial journey."

    Leonidas, Greece
  • “My startup is beginning to evolve through the influence of great people – and this is only week one!” 

    Ermalinda, Ireland
  • "eLab has helped me to grow a precision mindset as an entrepreneur as enthusiasm will only get you so far."

    Aeysha, UK
  • “I’m only 2 weeks into the program and elab has already been a game changer in terms of testing and validating my idea.” 

    Erin, US
  • "eLab is so far a great experience overall: dynamic and very relevant field visits to companies and start ups."

    Silvia, UK

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    We think you’ll get so much out of eLab Emerge that you’ll want to stay to take part in eLab Advance! You can stay in the same city, or switch to Berlin or London, and get the benefit of two coordinated courses and two locations – plus a fantastic discount. 

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