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Grow your business with eLab Advance– confidently and strategically

Running a business comes with ups and downs. Scaling a business is a different story, requiring a mindset for entrepreneurial growth and a keen understanding of leadership. Business leaders also often need insider understanding of the investment landscape to succeed. 

eLab Advance is a comprehensive program for established entrepreneurs and graduates of eLab Emerge to gain practical understanding of growth strategies. As an eLab Advance participant, you’ll identify growth opportunities and determine a scaling roadmap for your venture.

During six weeks in London or Berlin, you’ll gain new insights and deepen your knowledge of the latest tactics and tools. Days feature interactive, action-based workshops, group discussions, and individual mentoring sessions. During evenings, we’ll connect you to the local startup ecosystem, and you’ll  attend networking events and fireside chats to connect with major players and industry decision makers. We’ll also help you gain access to VC managers, government representatives, and other successful founders. 

You’ll complete this program with a specific plan of measures and the knowledge to implement them. With a solid understanding of fundraising, you’ll be ready to efficiently scale your startup or company. And you’ll be tapped into a global network of business leaders who – like you – have the vision to recognize exciting new possibilities. 

Grow your business with eLab Advance

Program Apply by Program Start Program Fee
eLab Advance Spring Mar 16 Mar 30 $4,999
eLab Advance Summer Jun 8 Jun 22 $4,999


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Leave eLab with:

  • A scaling plan

  • Access to founders, investors, and leaders

  • An investor-ready pitch deck

What to expect, week by week:

Get ready to move your company forward! In just six weeks, you’ll refresh and expand your knowledge and get an overview of cutting-edge business tools and techniques. eLab Advance is not an MBA program. Taught in English by experienced business leaders, eLab Advance is an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the specific challenges your business is facing and benefit from personal mentoring and problem-solving. You’ll walk away motivated and energized to scale and grow your venture.

Week 1: New Horizons and Growth Strategies

Learn to identify the biggest risks and opportunities during various growth stages. Discover the purpose of growth and how to choose the right strategy for your venture. This week, you'll also learn how to connect growth strategy with sales, organization, and funding needs. And because it’s your first week in London or Berlin, we’ll help you get familiar with the local startup scene fast, so you can make the most of your time here.

Throughout the program, you’ll enjoy access to industry meet-ups and learn how to tap into the local startup scene in your city of choice. Have a specialty interest? Your program manager is always ready to help you find activities and meet-ups that can help you learn more.

Week 2: Leadership in Entrepreneurship

Growth and leadership come hand in hand. This week, learn more about organizational culture and how to best manage, motivate, and build up every member of your team. We’ll discuss your team’s structure and how you can best communicate and co-create your business vision so everyone is on the same page as you scale your business venture. 

Week 3: Agile Team Management

Buzz words agile and lean will feel like familiar old friends after this week. Dive into agile management and practice hands-on tools and approaches that serve entrepreneurs as they identify opportunities and create new ventures. You’ll also practice decision-making principles to employ in situations of uncertainty.

Week 4: Sustainable Growth Roadmap

With a focus on entrepreneurial finance, you’ll learn to establish and forecast a profit and loss statement and create a solid liquidity plan. You’ll also get familiar with different financing tools such as equity, debt, and mezzanine capital, and cover building sales funnels and leading sales negotiations. By week’s end, you'll know what investors look for and how to present them with a convincing case. 

Week four also features meetings with business accelerators to help you sharpen your fundraising knowledge.

Week 5: Cutting-Edge Technologies

Get familiar with key emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things (IoT) and learn where these advancements could lead us next. Learn how tech will transform the economy and our societies, as well as how they can help your business.

Week 6: Business Pitch and Defining Your Personal Road Map

Present your scaling road map on stage – and don’t worry, you’ll be well-prepared for this big moment. Established founders and investors will be present to provide feedback and share additional ideas for your business. 

As you close out week 6, you’ll have a clear vision and understanding of the different steps to bring your company to the next level. You’ll feel ready to pitch and negotiate your company’s product and unique value proposition to financial backers and investors. And we'll be happy to feature you in the gallery of our successful eLab graduates! 

Is eLab Advance right for you?

This program is designed for established entrepreneurs who are running a business and looking for new ways to lead and identify growth opportunities to scale their business. It’s also a great choice for people who plan to take over a family business or want to sharpen their knowledge of tools and tactics. Above all, eLab is ideal if you want to see positive results – fast. 

We welcome participants from all over the world. Collaborating with people from Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe creates a rich exchange in ideas and leads to shared solutions to issues that seemed unsolvable. This diversity is part of what makes eLab unique. 


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    Get a royal jump on your startup plans in this mighty financial capitol. London has a healthy supply of venture capital and industry events keep fueling the market for new ideas. 


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Program Fee: $4,999

Get more for your money with CIEE’s eLab. There are no hidden charges or disappointing surprises when you arrive.

  •  Immerse yourself into the local startup ecosystem
  • Develop your pitch deck and business plan
  • An opportunity to pitch your startup 
  • Create connections with founders and startups 
  • Get an understanding of the investment scene


The fee is tax deductible and we also offer scholarships to select entrepreneurs.

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Upcoming Program Dates

All Programs are offered in Berlin and London

Program Welcome Date Pitch day Apply by
eLab Advance Spring Mar 30 May 6 Mar 16
eLab Advance Summer Jun 22 Jul 29 Jun 8

Meet Our Alumni

  • Krunoslav, Croatia

    “eLab has helped me a lot, it has given me new knowledge. and taught me how I can grow up with  my business”

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  • Nilab, Germany

    “eLab has helped me to identify the different problems and benefits of my  business idea, it's a great program for entrepreneurs”

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  • Aeysha, UK

    "eLab has helped me to grow a precision mindset as an entrepreneur as enthusiasm will only get you so far."

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Participant Testimonials

  • “I’m completely wowed – so much value in six weeks!“

    Cristiane, Brazil
  • "The Design Thinking module gave me the mindset I need to grow my business."

    Rex, France
  • "Elab offers me a unique opportunity to give the knowledge necessary for my entrepreneurial journey."

    Leonidas, Greece
  • “My startup is beginning to evolve through the influence of great people – and this is only week one!” 

    Ermalinda, Ireland
  • "eLab has helped me to grow a precision mindset as an entrepreneur as enthusiasm will only get you so far."

    Aeysha, UK
  • “I’m only 2 weeks into the program and elab has already been a game changer in terms of testing and validating my idea.” 

    Erin, US
  • "eLab is so far a great experience overall: dynamic and very relevant field visits to companies and start ups."

    Silvia, UK

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