The eLab Advisory Board

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Meet the people who shaped our philosophy

With the help of our well-informed Advisory Board, we’ve created curricula for modern entrepreneurship that’s both socially conscious and profitable. Learn more about the work and values of the instrumental people who defined eLab’s guiding principles.

Alison Coward

Fascinated by how people work in teams, Alison launched Bracket to help those in the creative and technology sectors collaborate more effectively. A skilled facilitator, she has inspired our approach to teaching teamwork and collaboration. Alison’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies to startups and include Google, Channel 4, Etsy, Barclaycard, D&AD, and Wellcome.

Jens Gunter Greve

A long-time entrepreneur, Jens has a deep understanding of the possibilities technology offers for our health and well-being. Jens has incredible willpower and knows how to transform business for the modern age. Jens’ latest venture, Yuvedo, helps Parkinson patients and their relatives live fulfilling lives. His vision helps eLab participants create value-driven, inclusive businesses and startups.

Luni Libes

Luni is the founder of Fledge, a conscious company accelerator that helps mission-driven for-profit companies turn ideas into revenue streams. He has been instrumental in helping the eLab team create curricula that is both economical and earth-conscious. As co-founder of and author of The Next Step: Guiding You from Idea to Startup, Luni has a unique network of impact investors.


Dean of Babson Academy for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurial Learning, Amir’s vision has transformed the way universities teach entrepreneurship. He has earned a number of awards for his work, and helped Babson earn the title of Forbes’ best entrepreneurship school in the United States for international students. His approach has been key to the design of our eLab programs.